Json REST api Test with Java


I recently put together this simple program that parses JSONinput from either a file or a url. It showcases the use of REST apis to a read data and store it as a JSON object, JSON array and other Java objects for further manipulation.

It uses the example website: jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/albums and reads the data.

It will also read a local JSON file.  For the program to complete successfully you need to either create a JSON file named  “C:\jasondata2.json” or use any name and change the name inside the program. To easily create a JSON file you can download the data contained in the file url above and save it.

The secret to easily reading a URL and storing it’s contents is really just a few lines.  You want to use a BufferedReader to experience efficient reading of characters, arrays, and lines.




Once you have an entire JSON string (starting with “[” ) you can turn it into a Collection, JSONArray, ArrayList or Map like this:



Here’s the entire program.



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