Selenium with Java Testing a Website

This video shows the Eclipse IDE running a web test written with Selenium, Java, JUnit, Log4j2, Maven and other packages. It tests against my own website: which is also known as

The tests are run with JUnit, so each test stands on its own and can be run independently of the others. Each test launches a fresh instance of FireFox with Selenium WebDriver. The tests use Maven and a Maven pom.xml file to specify dependencies. The entire suite was written in and runs with Eclipse on a Windows 7 PC.

The source code can be viewed on GitHub at:

This demo was done with inverted color on a Windows 7 machine. I’m using inverted color a lot lately because it’s easier on the eyes.

The script also includes full Maven Surefire site test result reporting which I hope to share in a future video. To read more about Selenium, see:

Thank you for helping me learn Selenium. Their Selenium Course was very useful and free.

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