Nancy Schorr

Software Engineer

Santa Clara, CA 95050



Software engineer with a varied array of experience in software development, QA, automation and database administration.  Tools in use include Java, Python, PHP, JUnit, Maven, Eclipse, Git, SQL, Linux, Windows and related tools. Java library experience includes Selenium, Swing, Log4j2, JTReg, JDBC and HtmlUnit. Certified Oracle DBA.


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Log4j2 with Java and Maven for Logging

Handle Java JNA popup alert with Selenium, Git and Maven

Selenium Automation with Java, JUnit, JNA and Maven Testing a Website


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Career Highlights

        Automation: Automated test design and test result notification; scripting in Linux, Windows and Mac environments with many different tools including Selenium,  JUnit, and TestNG. Linux experience includes various flavors of shell on CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.

        Programming: Experienced with many languages/environments including Java, C, C++, XML, HTML, PHP, Python and Perl. Tools developer at Sun and Apple. Wrote low-level trace tools in C, and extensive performance testing suites in Virtual User.

        Databases: Certified Oracle DBA; SQL and PL/SQL scripting.

        Performance: Lead engineer at Apple, and Metrics Lead at Sun.

        OS/Environments: Sun OS/Solaris, Windows, Oracle Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mac OSX, VirtualBox, NetBeans, Eclipse, JDK, WordPress, Amazon AWS and Grub. Managed labs at both Apple and Sun. Some Android experience flashing roms and using ADB.

Work History

Self-Employed Software Engineer: Schorr Media, Santa Clara: 2010-2017

        Developed Selenium scripts using Java, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, Git, Eclipse, JNA and JUnit for YouTube instructional videos.

        Designed and coded a Python program that converts data from one data format to another. Designed and coded another program that sorts files into folders on Windows.

        Developed a Java program that reformats and corrects iCal data that ultimately ends up in a Google Calendar.  The Calendar is my design as well, and has around 3000 feed reads every day. This project in the past utilized Perl, Twitter REST api, various Twitter tools, cron and postfix.

        Established websites and domains with various registrars; used WordPress, Blogger, PHP, HTML and other tools. Provided computer support including Windows setup, backup, recovery and training.

        Provided design consulting and content to for their consultant's portal. Provided direction, editing and hosting of video content for several organizations, and social media presence for organizations using Meetup, Facebook and MailChimp.

        Client list includes Astrolome, Eidon Minerals, Vitamin Center of AH, NCGR-LA, Frank Bukkwyd, Here's to Your Health radio show and the Inside Edge Foundation for Education.


Website Developer: Long Beach: 20072009

        Designed and hosted a website and shopping cart utilizing Paypal, Homestead, Intuit Merchant Services, Shopzilla, Ebay and Froogle.

Automation Analyst: CSU, Long Beach: 2006

        Designed and developed programs in Perl and Korn Shell used to maintain Unix and Windows systems. Automated server/database tasks using Etrust, Cygwin and Solaris. 

Software Engineer:  Sun Microsystems, JavaSoft/Java Group, Santa Clara: 1997-2005

        Wrote Perl scripts to load data into web pages and automatic emails, and monitor databases and alert engineers of crashes and other problems in a Solaris environment (Tomcat, struts, cgi, ksh, sh, csh, cron, cvs, etc).   

        Used Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Tomcat, Apache, Sun application servers, JSP and JDBC.

        Created test regression cases coding with JTreg, JCov and JavaTest.

        Modified Java JDK build scripts to include code coverage tools into the finished binary.

Software Engineer: Apple Computer, Cupertino: 1992-93 and 1994-97

        Worked in the Advanced Technology Group developing extensive performance testing suites in Virtual User (VU) and other tools to measure CPU performance on 200+ Mac applications.

        Led the performance effort in the quality group to establish a performance testing strategy. 

        Developed two large performance testing suites of automation scripts and other tools to measure performance, using the Virtual User language. Developed a trace header analyzer and trace tool analyzer in C. 

        Developed Virtual User automation scripts in Apple's hardware division. Test Lead for the CD-300 and Quadra 660av. Maintained test network and lab. Projects included: Macintosh IIvx, Quadras, Performas, At Ease, Mac TV, Mac Color Classic, LC III, System 7.1 and Speech Recognition.

Volunteer Activities

        Volunteered for SCALE 14x 2016 on the tech team that set up all the networking at the Pasadena Convention Center. Volunteering again for 2017.

        Previously Mailing and Membership coordinator for Bay Area SIGGRAPH.


University of California, Irvine: BA in Comparative Culture.

CIIS, San Francisco: One year of Master's work in Transpersonal Psychology.

Further Tech Training: Apple Univ., Sun Univ., Oracle Univ., Foothill College, CSU Long Beach, UCSC.

Oracle DBA University, Chicago: Oracle 11g DBA, PL/SQL, 12c RAC and Data Guard training.

Accolades / Awards / Certifications

        Certified Oracle Database 11g Associate (OCA), 2013.

        Thanks for technical assistance in Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics by Steve Wilson.

        Various Sun and Apple awards. See Awards Page for details.

Published Articles

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